Wednesday, May 02, 2007


ich wollte euch nur kurz sagen, dass ich 15 Punkte in meiner Facharbeit bekommen habe wenn es interessiert der klickt bitte einfach auf diesen LINK.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

BE führerschein


I just got my BE drivers licens. This allows me now to tow big ships whit my car, exactly every trailer over 750kg. So I am happy that I got it.

So tomorrow we have our schooltrip to Munic. I hope it is interesting!
best wishes to everybody sebastian

Monday, December 11, 2006

Camera A-100

So Christmas is only two weeks away and I already get aseked by aunt and uncles, parents and grandperents - what would be a wish for this years christmas.

It took me a long time but I finally decided to wish me a digital camera. It was a hard decision, but finally I chose sony's first SLR Camera the A-100. First of all I got a really good price on it, and the old lenses form my dad's Minolta camera fit on it, so I save there a lot of money.

Another advantace over the Canon 400D is that the image stabilazor is directly buil into the camera. So I do not have the buy the way more expensive lenses where this feature is built in.

Fahrertraining ADAC

Hi on Wednesday I participated in a ADAC, the German automobile club, Driver's practice.
It was so much fun and I learned so much, I seriouly consider in participating in another one. We fist of all had to think about our seat position in repect to the steering weel, how we hold your steering weel and if we sit correctly to make a emergency stop.
After this very interesting introduction we learned more about the braking distance in respect to our speed and tested it ourselve on a slippery surface. After this test we learned how to dodge aroung suddenly apearing water baries. We had to decide instantly if we would make it just by using our brakes or if we would need to shift lanes and drive around the barrier. My group was of 6 cars and we had a lot of fun together.
I only can recomend this training to everybody who drives especially beginners, but even experts can learn something there.
best whishes to everybody Sebastian
For more info visit

Friday, November 17, 2006

Geeked Episode 50

It is finally the weekend. Alex, my girlfriend will come back home for four days. So I am very excited. I hope all worked out with her airplain. I am just cleaning my room and listend to the latest episode of Geek!Ed!, a weekly podcast form my old Michigan High School. I couln't believe what there kids were achieving. And they learn so many new skills that will help them in the 21st Century to cope the unpredictable future.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

My english exam tomorrow is going to be on this compelling book.

I liked the storry since it created suspense and the foreshadowing is not realized until reading the book a second time. Many experiences Paul Auster made in his own life are reflected in the ongoing search of Marco Stanly's identity.

I hope the quesitons on the text will not be too hard to answer and the translation not full of technical terms.

Best wishes sebastian

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Ich befasse mich gerade intensiver mit meiner Facharbeit, die ich im Februar 2007 abgeben muss. Die ganze Sache gestaltet sich nicht so leicht, wie gedacht.
Ich schreibe in Englisch über die neuen Anforderungen der Wirtschaft an unsere Schüler, neue Fähigkeiten bereits in der Schule zu erlernen, da unsere globale Arbeitswelt sich ständig neu entwickelt.

In meiner Facharbeit beziehe ich mich meist auf amerikanische Schulen, da ich 2004/05 ein Jahr eine High School in Pinckney Michigan besuchen durfte.

Wo seht ihr denn den meisten Nachholbedarf bei unseren Schulen?

Wäre toll wenn ich ein paar Antworten bekäme.
Danke bereits im Voraus für euer Interesse. Genauere Infos und den Fragebogen erhaltet ihr auf Dort könnt ihr auch direkt eure Kommentare abgeben.
Euer Sebastian